Workflow Automation Explained

Manual data entry might be one of the most tedious and inefficient tasks in the working world. Not only does it put you to sleep, but it also wastes precious time and resources, slashing your productivity to bits. In fact, data entry wastes over 10 hours per week for certain sales teams.

Fortunately, there’s technology that can automate these mind-numbing tasks, eliminating human error and letting you focus on the work that actually matters -- workflow automation.

Almost every department in your business can benefit from workflow automation. Whether it’s marketing, human resources, or finance, here’s how the technology can help you work smarter, not harder.


Some of Marketing’s most repetitive tasks, such as sending emails and posting social media updates, can be automated with workflow automation. With marketing automation software, you can set up workflows that nurture certain types of prospects with email offers, and schedule your entire social media calendar.

Human Resources

Instead of having to manually enter all your new hires’ personal information, like addresses, social security numbers, and other employee information into payroll, expense, and insurance systems, HR automation software can do it for you in minutes.


By allowing you to build forms, design workflows, and track processes, finance process automation software can streamline all your travel requests, reimbursements, and budget approvals.

SOURCE: Clifford Chi